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Trusted by leading food ordering brands

We have built an on-demand food ordering application connecting entrepreneurs, restaurants, and customers.

On-demand service to bridge a gap between customers & vendors

Pakodus delivers an enhanced on-demand solution for any ordering and delivering business. Pakodus software is a 100% customizable readymade ordering and delivery application system. Helping you to build secured and reliable solutions on the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Want to develop apps similar to Zomato, FoodPanda, Swiggy, JustEat, etc? We offer a customized solution connecting business owners, vendors, customers, and delivery staff in a single platform. We provide solutions for any type of business either single store model, multi-vendor, and aggregator mode.

Get a digital app to reach anytime anywhere. Want to build a smarter and cost-effective ordering and delivery application for your business? Pakodus offers the complete end-to-end solution for any size and type of business. We offer you a high-end real-time solution with classic security and scalability. Get connected to your customers, vendors, and deliverer in a single platform.

We have got everything you need

Empower a wide range of businesses with our ordering & delivery application system

  • Admin
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Drivers


Admin is provided with robust features, allowing you to manage the complete ordering and delivery process. Looking for a customized food ordering application? Contact us.

  • Manages the complete ordering & delivery
  • Generate reports on vendors, deliverer, and customers
  • Earns commission from vendors and revenue from a website.
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Who can use our software?

Creating & maintaining a single business

Single vendor store is a marketplace where the single seller sells the product/services online to the customers. The business owner has to directly deal with the customer order request. The delivery staff will directly get the product/service from the owner and sell it to the customers.

  • Allows single restaurants to offer service on the online platform.
  • Single store owner gets a notification on the order request .
  • The customer has few choices.

Maintaining Unlimited outlets / multiple businesses

Here the business owner manages the multiple stores/branches/outlets using the ordering and delivery software. The vendors assign the delivery order request to the delivery staff. It works based on the different locations.

  • Allows multiple restaurants to offer service in a single platform.
  • Respective store owners get notification on the order request.
  • Customer is provided with multiple choice .

You maintain multiple service providers under one brand name

Aggregator model is where multiple sellers/ vendors together sell their product/services to the customers. Customers have chances to buy products from different sellers or brands. Business owners & vendors receive the customer order request.

  • Networking e-commerce business model.
  • Acts as an intermediate between a customer and multiple restaurants .
  • Offering access to multiple different restaurants within the city.

Track your customers’ orders and delivery in real-time with Purbis

Apps for business owners, vendors, customers & deliverers

Allow your customers to transfer money via an online wallet system, It's one of the most secure and simple online transaction methods.
Redeem for a discount or gift on basis of points collected. It's a promotional tool that helps to attract customers online.
sms gateaway
SMS Gateway
Manage SMS settings by providing an SMS gateway API key. Enable you to send or receive SMS messages quickly through any website or application.
payment gateway
Payment gateway
Manages multiple payment gateway integrations. It facilitates customers with a fast and reliable way to pay online.
phone call
Phone call order
Business owners can take up orders directly via a phone call from the customers. Admin sends the order requests to the kitchen or vendors.
Manage the complete app settings from the backend panel. You can enable or disable access given to the vendors from the settings panel.
Category management
Add / manage/ delete the category section anytime from anywhere from the admin backend panel in our ordering and delivery system.
Live tracking
Allow customers to track the live status of delivery orders from our ordering and delivery software system.
Manage cuisines
You can add/ manage the cuisines list from the back panel. You can update any new cuisines for vendors from the backend.
profil manage
Manage roles
Our ordering and delivery software system let you provide access to respective vendor/ delivery staff as per their role.
Order history
Manage the complete order history from scratch. It includes details such as order number, items, price details, information, delivery date and time, etc.
Sort & Filter
Fine-tune your search by sorting and filtering the options, get a streamlined option based on the list drop-down.
Customer feedback improves customer decisions. These reviews and listed on vendors or restaurant page profiles.
Prioritize your favorite dish and mark them as favorites, so that you can easily order favorites for the future
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Pakodus for any on-demand ordering & delivery application system

Drive 2x increased customers for your ordering system

  • solution

    Ready-made solution

    Pakodus offers a readymade solution to instantly kick start your online ordering and delivery system. Our software application is suitable for any type and kind of business sector. Contact us to view the demo of the Admin, vendor, customers, and delivery app.

  • customize

    Highly customizable

    Looking for a custom on-demand ordering and delivery application? Pakodus offers customized solutions. You can request a custom or additional features and functionality within the application. Get custom on-demand ordering and delivery applications.

  • end to end support

    End-to-end support

    We offer end-to-end support right from requirement gathering, wireframe, design, development, deployment, support, and maintenance. We have an excellent in-house team to support you. Moreover, we provide 3 months of free support & maintenance.

  • device

    Any platform any device

    Pakodus, our on-demand ordering, and delivery application is compatible with any device and platform. Supporting on the web, Android, and iOS platforms. Pakodus application is highly adaptable to any coding language of your choice.

  • lang money

    Multi-language & currency

    The food ordering and delivery software system support multiple languages of your choice. It has multiple currency options, you can set the default currency for your on-demand ordering and delivery application system.

  • source code

    100% source code

    You have complete access to the code. We provide you with the on-demand food ordering and delivery application with 100% source code. You can update new features or customize the code as per your choice at any time.

Pakodus allows you to integrate 3rd party APIs

Easy to integrate the third-party apps into Purbis

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Our Clients Feedbacks

Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

star star star star star

Mohammed Imran

I approached Pakodus about creating an UberEats-style app for my restaurant. They did an excellent job by creating a user-friendly software with a visually appealing design. It has been extremely beneficial to my company.

star star star star star

Sean Siocehain

These people are incredible! As requested, they provided me with an on-demand delivery app. It was completely modified to my specifications. The best thing was that the app looked great and was comparable to other popular applications.

star star star star star

Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

star star star star star