Swiggy Clone Script App

Customizable Food Delivery Solutions For Your Restaurant Business

If you are looking for a Swiggy Clone App? Then you have come to the right place. We at Pakodus have a ready Swiggy clone script to launch your food delivery business similar to swiggy. Our swiggy clone script is loaded with highly advanced features that help to begin your food delivery business immediately. We also provide customized and whitelable food ordering delivery solutions to meet the requirements of your business.

With Swiggy clone you can take complete control of your food ordering website. Today the demand for online food ordering business is growing day by day. Swiggy clone script, which we develop to help meet the demand and need of startup online businesses. Our Swiggy clone app is simple and easy to order for your customers. Our swiggy clone script supports both web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Our swiggy clone is provided with an admin web back end panel, vendor with order receiving app and customer with customer ordering website & app. Our swiggy clone empowers your business to manage the complete ordering and delivery process. We have excellent inbuilt features to increase the productivity of your business.

Our swiggy clone script includes all modules

Our Swiggy clone app is an innovative and powerful web and mobile app solution that lets you offer on-demand food delivery services with only one app.

Customer App

Allow your customers to easily order for food from the customer's front end panel or via mobile app (Android & iOS).


Restaurant Panel

We provide a separate business page for the restaurant vendors to manage orders and items with help of our swiggy clone script.


Delivery Staff

When admin assigns for the delivery orders, the delivery staff can either accept or reject the orders according to their schedule.


Admin Panel

In our swiggy clone app is Admin can control the complete ordering and delivery process from the admin backend panel

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Highlighted features of our Swiggy clone script

Here are some of the reasons why our swiggy clone app solutions are the best suitable for the food delivery business industry

  • analytics
    Secured payment

    Our swiggy clone offers a highly secured payment platform for your customers to pay from net banking, credit card, debit card options

  • notifications_active
    Push notification

    You get notified on every customer's order request. The users get the latest updates on offers, discounts, promotional & activities

  • money
    Commission management

    Admin earns commission from each customer's order request. This commission is managed under the commission management section

  • paid
    Multi Payment Gateway

    Pakodus offers assured multiple payment gateway integration, enlarging the customer anticipation of the payments.

  • location_searching
    Real time tracking

    The customers can track the status of their ordered food via swiggy clone, which has inbuilt GPS features that lets you keep updates real time.

  • local_shipping
    Promo codes

    It helps to increase the traffic to your business website. Also it attracts customers to have repeat orders from swiggy clone platform.

  • flag
    Order cancellation

    Users can cancel the orders or replace the orders before receiving confirmation messages from the admin end in Swiggy clone script.

  • account_balance_wallet
    Contactless Delivery

    Our delivery apps have a function called Contactless Delivery that ensures the safety of customers in the COVID19 pandemic

  • closed_caption
    Safety Badges

    Our delivery app comes with Safety Badge for the delivery executives to ensure that they are weared with gloves and mask

  • description
    COD On/Off

    The admin can eliminate the cash-on-delivery (COD) option in the backend app to avoid the communications of customers and delivery agents.

Why choose our Swiggy clone script from us?

  • dashboard_customizeEasy Customizable
  • loyalty White-Label Solution
  • code Full Source Code
  • support_agent Free Technical Support
  • group_add User-Friendly System
  • paid One-time investment
  • branding_watermark Attractive Interface
  • integration_instructions Seamless Integration
  • event Time & Cost-Efficient
  • phone_iphone Go Mobile
  • bug_report Bug Free App
  • phone_android Free App Deployment

Want to develop your food delivery app like Swiggy?

Enhance your restaurant business with our whitelable swiggy clone script app

Swiggy Clone Script App

The working module of the Swiggy clone app

Swiggy clone, Our food delivery software generally consists of a common hub in which the business owners earn revenue through service commissions. Certain apps like Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, and more are available to take up customer orders and serve their requirements quickly. Here is the workflow of our Swiggy clone script for your business.

  • The customers login to the Swiggy clone app using login credentials
  • The menu items are displayed with the cost and image on the platform
  • The user can add their favourite cuisine to the cart and place the order
  • Customers can pay online via e-wallet or other offered payment methods

What our swiggy clone app offers you?

We provide below listed applications in your own brand name according to your business needs

  • star_borderWeb Back-End Panel For Admin
  • person Web Back-End Panel For Restaurant
  • delivery_dining Web Front-End App For Customers
  • notifications Android App For Customers
  • credit_card iPhone App For Customers
  • local_shipping Android App For Delivery Agents
  • people iPhone App For Restaurants
  • account_circle Android App For Restaurants

Ready to develop a Food Delivery App like Swiggy ?

Swiggy Clone Script

Online Food Ordering and Delivery App Features

Features of Customer App

  • filter_alt
    Search and filter

    This feature lets the customer to search for the specific menu item according to their wish

  • local_shipping
    Place the order

    The customer can choose their favorite cuisine from nearby restaurant and place the order

  • delivery_dining
    Delivery method

    The customer can also choose either pickup / delivery according to their convenience

  • account_balance_wallet

    The customers can directly pay of their bills from the Swiggy clone app’s e-wallet option

  • cancel
    Order cancellation

    The customer can also cancel the order accordingly before receiving the confirmation message

  • history
    Order history

    All the previous orders along with cost, date and time can be viewed in the Swiggy clone app

  • travel_explore
    Social media sharing

    The customer can share the Swiggy clone app to their family or friends and earn reward points

  • chat
    In-app chat

    The customer can directly communicate to the vendors with the help of the in-app chat

Features of Admin Panel

  • dashboard
    Intuitive dashboard

    The admin monitors and takes care of the operational activities of the Swiggy clone app

  • category
    Manage customers

    The admin manages and maintains the database of the users of the Swiggy clone app safely

  • people
    Manage vendors

    This lets the admin to manage the vendors registered to the Swiggy clone app in a secured way

  • emoji_objects
    Manage items

    Multiple or new items can be added at the backend by the admin of the Swiggy clone app

  • person_add_alt
    Manage categories

    The categories and subcategories lets the customer to process their order with ease

  • account_box
    Payment reports

    The admin manages and maintains each and every payment transactions appropriately s

  • leaderboard
    Analytical reports

    This feature lets the admin to manage the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the business

  • settings
    General setting

    In our swiggy clone, general settings include CMS, SMTP, FAQ, currency and payment settings, etc.

Features of Restaurant Panel

  • account_circle
    Manage orders

    The manager manages all the processing order, delivered, cancelled etc significantly

  • done
    Manage menu

    The manager can manage and customize their menu according to their restaurants style

  • health_and_safety
    Document verification

    In our Swiggy clone restaurants should submit their business documents for the approval

  • notifications_active
    Manage availability

    The manager can enable their availability , opening and closing hours in the Swiggy clone app

  • map
    Manage inventory

    The inventory is managed by integrating the third party tools into the Swiggy clone app

  • history
    Add or delete

    The manager can also add, delete or modify the menu items, description etc accordingly

  • grade
    Resolve inquiries

    All the inquiries and doubts are answered by the restaurant manager in a timely manner

  • paid
    Reviews earnings

    The customers can view their earnings for a particular week/month/day in the earning page

Features of Delivery App

  • account_circle
    Manage orders

    The delivery staff manages all the incoming orders from the customers in a consistent manner

  • military_tech
    Accept or deny

    The delivery staff either accepts/denies the order request according to their preferences

  • category
    Availability status

    This feature lets the delivery staff to enable their availability status in the Swiggy clone app

  • favorite_border
    Order details

    The delivery staff gets the details such as customer’s name, location etc if the order is confirmed

  • bookmark_border
    Request management

    It is the systematic handling of the assigned tasks for the workflow automation and business

  • account_box
    Track pickup location

    Delivery staff can track the pickup location using the navigator and reach the location on time

  • leaderboard
    Access optimal routes

    The delivery staff delivers the orders to the desired customers by accessing the optimal routes

  • pending_actions

    The delivery staff can manage all rating and feedbacks that provided by the customers

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we do provide you with white-labeled solutions along with an end to end support and cutting edge technologies
Yes, the Swiggy clone app can is highly customizable according to your business requirements
We will provide the complete web and mobile Swiggy clone script source code for your business
We will provide our complete support and assistance anytime. So don’t worry, we won’t leave you as such even after your post-delivery launch
The multi-payment methods can be integrated into the Swiggy clone app in accordance with your business needs
We will guide you in launching the Swiggy clone app is all major platforms such as google play store, Apple play store, and on the company’s server
There is no such specific cost. The cost to develop an app like the Swiggy clone completely relies on the features, functionalities, and other requirements
Based on your business needs, If in case you would like to add some additional features it will extend else if you choose our default app 10-15 business days approx for completion

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Our platform assists on-demand delivery companies from many industries in developing and launching web and mobile apps. As you can see, our Uber delivery clone app has all of the functionality that your company needs.

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Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

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Our platform assists on-demand delivery companies from many industries in developing and launching web and mobile apps. As you can see, our Uber delivery clone app has all of the functionality that your company needs.