Delivery Hero Clone

A reliable and an efficient on-demand food delivery solution that all you want

Pakodus has developed an on-demand online food ordering and delivery system for restaurant business which is similar to Delivery Hero Clone which supports both mobile & web platforms. Our Deliveryhero clone is feature-rich, allowing you to handle a greater number of unique cases while maintaining a focused and difficult food ordering delivery business. This Delivery Hero clone was created to assist entrepreneurs in establishing a strong position in the online food delivery sector.

Our ultimate goal is to make things better, give full access control and offer a chance to re-invest into their own restaurant business with the help of our Delivery Hero Clone. Everything you need to do is just start taking online food orders with our Delivery Hero Clone, saving money with your very own ordering system has never been easy & faster. Keep your customers coming back.Get your Delivery hero clone script to develop your own food ordering system for your multi restaurant delivery business now

Our delivery hero clone script includes all components

Pakodus has developed a fantastic online meal delivery script with the help of a team of talented engineers


Customers App

It gives a more user-friendly interface for customers to search the restaurant to online transactions


Restaurant App

Restaurants may use the web and apps to handle their menus and order depending on categories


Delivery App

Using a route optimization technology, Delivery boys can easily deliver the meals to users' doorstep


Admin App

In one app, you can supervise and manage your users, eateries, and drivers, as well as business activities

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Important aspects of our Delivery hero clone

Make use of this fabulous delivery hero clone script, which has been written to perfection and has a variety of features.

  • analytics
    Intuitive Dashboard

    We offer a user-friendly dashboard to manage and keep track of the ongoing activities

  • trending_up
    Real Time Tracking

    This feature is used to find the exact location of the end-users without any disruptions

  • money
    Secured Payment

    Each and every payment transactions of the DeliveryHero clone app is done in a secured way

  • paid
    Commission Setup

    The admin deducts the commission to the vendor for every successful order completion

  • location_searching
    Scheduling Orders

    The customers can also schedule the orders according to their preferred date and time

  • notifications
    Push Notification

    This feature notifies the customers about the new arrivals, discounts, etc via push notifications

  • flag
    Order cancellation

    The customers can also cancel the order from their end before receiving the order confirmation

  • local_shipping
    Takeaway Options

    Our DeliveryHero clone app enables takeaway options to enrich the customer’s experience

  • closed_caption
    Promo Codes

    The promo codes are set forth by admin from their end for the entire or individual products

  • airline_stops
    Route Optimization

    The delivery staff optimize the customer’s location and finds the shortest and fastest routes

  • delivery_dining
    Contactless Delivery

    This ensures the safety of the customers by following all the rules of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • visibility_off
    COD On/Off

    The admin can either enable or disable the cash on delivery option from their end if required

Why choose our Delivery hero clone script from us?

  • dashboard_customizeEasy Customizable
  • loyalty White-Label Solution
  • code Full Source Code
  • support_agent Free Technical Support
  • group_add User-Friendly System
  • paid One-time investment
  • branding_watermark Attractive Interface
  • integration_instructions Seamless Integration
  • event Time & Cost-Efficient
  • phone_iphone Go Mobile
  • bug_report Bug Free App
  • phone_android Free App Deployment
Delivery Hero Clone App

Business and Revenue Generation Methods Of Delivery Hero Clone

Online food ordering systems like Delivery Hero Clone, GrubHub Clone, UberEats Clone & etc follow a simple business model to double your restaurant business revenue. Restaurant owner can develop his online restaurant ordering business by online promotion, advertisement creation, through a third party - Google Adsense & etc.,

  • Online restaurant ordering software partners with the local restaurant that offers home delivery & prepares a frequent customer database.
  • For each & every order through your website, the restaurant owner gives you a pre-decided commission.
  • A restaurant can also get publicity on the homepage of your website.

Want to develop your food delivery app like Delivery Hero clone?

Customizable Delivery hero clone script helps to improve your business.

Delivery Hero Clone App

How does our Delivery Hero clone script work?

Our Delivery hero clone makes it easy and safe to streamline your delivery business process. The Delivery hero clone app helps you create the best customer experiences while also assisting with business expansion. The solution stack can be used by companies of any size.

  • A person searches for food items for a local store based on their preferences.
  • A user can choose items and adjust the number of items in their order.
  • Customers can choose their convenient payment method for the online transaction
  • The eatery receives the notification of the user's payment as well as confirmation of the order. For each order placed by a consumer, the administrator receives a fee.

What our swiggy clone app offers you?

We provide below listed applications in your own brand name according to
your business needs

  • star_borderWeb Back-End Panel For Admin
  • person Web Back-End Panel For Restaurant
  • delivery_dining Web Front-End App For Customers
  • notifications Android App For Customers
  • credit_card iPhone App For Customers
  • local_shipping Android App For Delivery Agents
  • people iPhone App For Restaurants
  • account_circle Android App For Restaurants

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Delivery Hero Clone Script

Online Food Ordering and Delivery Solution Features For Your Business

Features of Customer App

  • dashboard

    The customer can board into the DeliveryHero clone app using their credentials

  • local_shipping
    Search Restaurants

    This feature lets the customer to search for the nearest restaurant and place the order

  • delivery_dining
    Online Payment

    The customer can pay their bills directly via the online payment by connecting their internet

  • account_balance_wallet
    Real Time Tracking

    The status of their order can be tracked anytime by using the real-time tracking system

  • paid

    The customer can also pre-order their item anytime in accordance to their comfortness

  • two_wheeler
    Order History

    This features incorporates the previously ordered items along with the date, time etc

  • star
    Invite and Earn

    The customers can share the DeliveryHero clone app to their family or friends and earn rewards

  • chat
    Ratings and Reviews

    Customer’s can drop their reviews and ratings in the DeliveryHero clone app about the service

Features of Vendor App

  • dashboard
    Restaurants Profile

    The vendor can update the restaurant info such as name, location, phone number etc

  • category
    Document Submission

    All the necessary documents are verified thoroughly to run the business appropriately

  • people
    Availability Status

    The vendor can enable their availability, closing and opening hours of their restaurants

  • emoji_objects
    Manage Menu

    Multiple menu items are managed by the restaurant manager in a significant manner

  • person_add_alt
    Manage Orders

    All the incoming orders, processing, delivered orders etc are well organized by the manager

  • account_box
    Offer and Promotions

    The restaurant sets the offers for the entire or the individual products from their end

  • leaderboard
    Manage Reviews

    The vendor manages and maintains all the reviews provided by the customers efficiently

  • settings
    Stats and Reports

    The complete stats and reports of the DeliveryHero clone app are managed consistently

Features of Delivery App

  • account_circle
    Profile Verification

    This feature lets to verify and thoroughly check the delivery staff’s profile and background

  • done
    Online/Offline Mode

    This feature allows the customer to order the products online and get it from the restaurant

  • health_and_safety
    Delivery Request

    The delivery staff manages all the incoming delivery request of customers in a timely manner

  • notifications_active
    Realtime Navigations

    The delivery staff tracks and reach the pickup location using the real time navigation on time

  • map
    Earning Reports

    This feature lets the delivery staff to check their earnings per week/day/month accordingly

  • history
    Safety Badges

    Our DeliveryHero clone app’s delivery staff follows all the rules and safety protocols strictly

  • grade
    Delivery History

    The delivery staff can also check their number of deliveries in the delivery history portal

  • paid

    The delivery staff can update their feedbacks and suggestions in the DeliveryHero clone app

Features of Admin Panel

  • dashboard
    Master Dashboard

    The admin monitors and manages all the operational activities of the DeliveryHero clone app

  • account_circle
    Manage users

    This feature lets the admin to manage the database of users in a safe and secured manner

  • restaurant
    Manage restaurants

    All the registered restaurant details of the DeliveryHero clone app are managed by the admin

  • local_shipping
    Manage delivery staffs

    The admin manages all the associated delivery staff of the DeliveryHero clone app consistently

  • all_inbox
    Manage Categories

    Admin manages the categories and subcategories of the DeliveryHero clone app efficiently

  • history
    Transaction history

    Every transactions carried in the DeliveryHero clone app are managed in a streamlined way

  • fact_check
    Promotional deals

    The admin sets the promotional deals for the entire or the individual products from their end

  • assignment_turned_in
    Analytical reports

    The admin monitors and manages the complete reports of the DeliveryHero clone app

FAQ about our Delivery Hero Clone

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we do provide white-labelled solution along with end-to-end support for your business
We do provide the complete DeliveryHero clone web and mobile DeliveryHero script source code for your business
Yes, the DeliveryHero clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements
We will provide our full-support even after the post-delivery launch. So don’t worry we won’t leave you as such even after your final release
We will guide you in launching the DeliveryHero clone app in all major platform such as google play store, apple play store and on your company’s server
The cost for developing an app like DeliveryHero clone completely relies on the features, functionalities and other such requirements of the business

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Our platform assists on-demand delivery companies from many industries in developing and launching web and mobile apps. As you can see, our Uber delivery clone app has all of the functionality that your company needs.

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Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

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I approached Pakodus about creating an UberEats-style app for my restaurant. They did an excellent job by creating a user-friendly software with a visually appealing design. It has been extremely beneficial to my company.

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These people are incredible! As requested, they provided me with an on-demand delivery app. It was completely modified to my specifications. The best thing was that the app looked great and was comparable to other popular applications.

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Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

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Our platform assists on-demand delivery companies from many industries in developing and launching web and mobile apps. As you can see, our Uber delivery clone app has all of the functionality that your company needs.