Features Online Food Ordering Delivery Software

Pakodus is the only online food ordering and delivery software that also includes a white label solution for single and multi restaurant business. We hope that by providing the greatest solution to the hospitality business, companies will be able to manage and control their business operations easily under the one platform.

Centralized Admin Panel For Food Ordering
Delivery Business

Powerful features support the solution, allowing you to locate target audience, generate sales, and conveniently handle your day-to-day duties.

  • dashboard

    The admin maintains and manages all the ongoing operations of the business

  • local_shipping
    Manage customers

    This feature lets admin to manage the database of the customers in a safe manner

  • account_circle
    Manage vendors

    All the registered vendors informations are managed and by the admin significantly

  • delivery_dining
    Manage driver

    The associated delivery drivers are maintained by the admin in a consistent manner

  • group
    Manage category

    All the categories, sub-categories etc are well-organized to make the purchase easier

  • dashboard
    Manage vouchers

    The online food ordering delivery software vouchers are managed appropriately

  • attach_money
    Manage payment

    Each and every payment transactions are managed by the admin in a secured manner

  • paid
    COD on/off

    The admi can also either enable or disable the Cash on delivery(COD) at the back end

  • description
    Stats and reports

    Complete stats and reports of food ordering and delivery software is managed by admin

  • settings
    CMS settings

    Admin maintains the web contents, images, create, and edit pages from their end

Other Features of Admin Panel

  • local_shipping
    Set delivery radius
  • person
    Manage FAQ
  • anchor
    Google analytics
  • share
    Social Media
  • notifications
    Push notifications
  • note_add
    Promotional deals
  • manage_accounts
    Admin profile
  • info
    Site info
  • paid
    Manage currency
  • account_balance_wallet
    Manage vouchers
  • unsubscribe
    Manage newsletter
  • paid
    Commission setup
  • credit_card
    Payment gateway setup
  • credit_card
    Payment gateway setup
  • g_translate
    Multi language support
  • view_carousel
    Manage ingredients
  • menu
    Manage cuisines/menus
  • ad_units
    Manage site banner

An App For Customers That Provides a Best
Ordering Experience

Make your consumers happy by providing them with a simple-to-use user app that provides a superior meal ordering process.

  • Onboarding

    The customer board into the food ordering and delivery software using their credentials

  • Search by restaurant/food

    This lets the customer to search for their preferred food from the respective restaurant

  • Choose pickup or delivery

    The customer can choose either the pickup or delivery option according to their comfort

  • Avail offers/promos

    This feature allows customers to avail offers/promo for the particular or entire products

  • E-wallet options

    The customers can pay their bills directly by using e-wallet option in the online food app

  • Pre-order options

    This feature lets the customers to pre-order their food according to their convenience

  • Order history

    The previously ordered items along with the date and time can be viewed in this portal

  • In-app chat

    The customers can directly communicate with the restaurant via the in-app chat option

  • Real-time tracker

    This lets customer to track the status of their order anytime using the real-time tracker

  • Ratings and reviews

    The customers can upload their ratings and reviews about the service, quality, taste etc

Other Features of Customer App

  • Automatic location fetching
  • Filter options to find foods
  • View based on ratings
  • Manage multi delivery address
  • Social media sharing
  • Easy check out page
  • Tips for drivers
  • Social media login
  • Bookmarks
  • Choose favorite restaurants
  • Choose favorite food items
  • Notifications
  • Settings like place, profile, accounts
  • Manage reviews
  • Manage photos - add photos
  • Manage ingredients type
  • Manage ingredients list

A Dynamic Web and Mobile App For Your Restaurant Partners

Restaurants keep manage and control of their products and performance so that users can place food orders quickly.

  • restaurant
    Restaurant info

    The manager sets up the restaurant info such as name, email ID, phone number etc

  • restaurant_menu
    Manage menu

    The manager manages the listed menu items of the food ordering and delivery software

  • list_alt
    Manage orders

    All the processing orders, delivered, cancelled, dispatched are managed by the manager

  • reorder
    Setup combo dealings

    This featured section lets the manager to set up the combo dealings for their products

  • list_alt
    Manage categories

    The manager manages the categorized items in the food ordering and delivery software

  • all_inbox
    Availability toggle

    The manager can enable their availability, opening and closing hours of the restaurant

  • reviews
    Manage reviews

    All the reviews uploaded by end-users are managed by the manager in a effective way

  • inventory
    Manage inventory

    Inventory is managed and maintained by integrating third party tools into application

  • category
    Manage items

    The listed items of the food ordering and delivery software are managed by the manager

  • flag
    Earnings report

    Manager can view their earnings for a particular day/week/year in this earnings portal

Other Features of Restaurant App

  • Choose featured items
  • Manage subcategories
  • Past order details
  • Track drivers
  • Alert notifications for users
  • Accept or reject orders options
  • Resolve enquiries (with chat/call)
  • Restaurant dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited category
  • Manage ingredients type
  • Manage ingredients list
  • Add/update images
  • Manage restaurant details

An App For Delivery Boys With Route Optimization Features

An unique app for the driver boys that assists them in taking delivery orders and delivering them to the specified address.

  • dashboard
    Profile setup

    The delivery staff can set up their profile by providing their name, email ID, number, etc

  • travel_explore
    On/off mode

    This feature allows delivery staff to enable their availability according to their comfort

  • delivery_dining
    Orders searching options

    The delivery staff can view all the assigned orders in this order search options portal

  • local_offer
    Manage orders

    The delivery staff manages and maintains all the incoming orders in a consistent manner

  • account_balance_wallet
    Order details

    Once the delivery is assigned the delivery staff gets the orders details of the customer

  • list_alt
    Delivery status

    This lets the delivery staff to update the status of the assigned delivery in this portal

  • manage_search
    Earnings report

    The delivery staff can also view their earning for a specific week/month/year anytime

  • chat
    Access optimal routes

    By accessing the optimal routes the delivery staff can find the fastest and shortest route

  • trending_up
    Track pickup location

    The delivery staff can track the exact pickup location and reach the location on time

  • reviews

    The delivery staff can also upload their feedbacks and suggestions in the food app

Other Features of Delivery App

  • Documents verifications
  • Accept or deny
  • Delivered history
  • Earn rewards
  • Notifications
  • Raise a dispute
  • Geo location
  • Contactless delivery
  • Safety badges
  • Settings

Why choose our online food ordering and delivery software?

  • star_border100% Customizable
  • screenshot White-Labeled Solution
  • build Full Source Code
  • credit_card Support and Maintenance
  • autorenew User-Friendly System
  • insights RTL Features
  • trending_down Attractive Interface
  • web Seamless Integration
  • event Time & Cost-Efficient
  • notifications_active Go Mobile
  • reviews Bug Free App
  • admin_panel_settings Free App Deployment

Our development process of customizable food delivery software


We learn about the customer's business concept and requirements.


Beginning the new development process with functions and user interface layouts


Our QA and testing team uses a variety of ways to test the final output


Finally, We deployed on-demand restaurants food delivery software on the market.


We offer end to end technical support and maintenance for your business after the deployment

Our Clients Feedbacks

Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

star star star star star

Mohammed Imran

I approached Pakodus about creating an UberEats-style app for my restaurant. They did an excellent job by creating a user-friendly software with a visually appealing design. It has been extremely beneficial to my company.

star star star star star

Sean Siocehain

These people are incredible! As requested, they provided me with an on-demand delivery app. It was completely modified to my specifications. The best thing was that the app looked great and was comparable to other popular applications.

star star star star star

Eric Moovin

It was a pleasure to work with Pakodus. They were quite helpful throughout the process, and they also provided the product earlier than planned. Their hard work and quick turnaround helped me start my business on schedule.

star star star star star