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Online food ordering software which provides the customer an easy way to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. Pakodus have developed an online ordering system for restaurants which supports both the web & mobile platform. Our UberEats clone app allows your customer to customize their ingredients, select their food items according to their taste. No need to carry a wallet for order and no need to wait for order food to reach you. Our UberEats clone was authorized using services like real-time tracking, food delivery notification to a customer as well as a delivery boy, cash on delivery & etc., It operates in real-time and is built up with the idea of delivery food at the customer doorstep. If you are running a restaurant business to get your ubereats clone app to start an on-demand delivery business in no time.

What We Provide

Pakodus have exactly what you’re looking for, Don't waste your time! Originate your online food ordering business with our on-demand uberEats clone which is available for Customer and Driver application along with Admin & Restaurant panel.

  • Customizable
    100% Customizable
  • Source Code
    100% Source Code
  • One-time investment
    One-time investment
  • White-label Solution
    White-label Solution
  • Easy  integration
    Easy integration
  • Multilingual

How does it work?

We developed a multi restaurant online food ordering system like Ubereats, It gives food delivery service operators access to the app's strength. Ours is a versatile clone app that makes your business operations to be simple and straightforward.

ubereats clone

What do we render you on our UberEats clone software?

  • Search & Find all restaurants nearby the customer's location
  • menu item
    Browse various menu item and select an item as your choice
  • online payment
    Quick & secure online payment for your order
  • Preparation of food
    Preparation of food & deliver to customer address

Roles of management in our system UberEats clone


Pakodus's admin is characteristics to manage complete online restaurant ordering & delivery software on the web backend.Admin can add multiple restaurants and earn the commission.


Each restaurant can manage their own business page which consists of restaurant menu items list in which supports on both web and mobile platform.

Delivery Staff

Allow customer to keep on track the delivery status of their ordered food through our UberEats clone. Pakodus provide you the separate app for the delivery services to satisfy customers.


Make happy with your customer along with our UberEats clone. The customer can order directly from the web or mobile platform. The customer receives their ordered food through delivery staff.

Workflow of UberEats clone app for customer

  • 1Create an account or sign in with the mail.
  • 2Search & find the menu items as per your choice.
  • 3You can filter by popularity, restaurant, cuisines
  • 4Select ingredients, toppings which you need more.
  • 5Review for the menu items & add to cart.
  • 6Make it as your favorite food item.
  • 7Check out for the order food item.
  • 8Enjoy your order food.

Features of Administrator Panel - Web Application

Our clone app helps to control your entire business operations in the best way, it allows complete command to efficiently manage platform functions at the administrator's discretion, So admin view and maintain your multi restaurants, reviews and reports and much more


Admin app is an user interface that allows business owners/managers with sufficient permissions to take control of the system.

Manage category

Admin can effectively manage the listed categories types and also can filter based on its availability.

Manage customers

Admin can keep track of all customers, and each one has their separate panel to monitor their details on their page, it's handled by the admins.

Manage items

When adding the item to their panel, the admin will handle the various types of foods that can be used by vendors.

Manage vendors

All restaurants may be approved by the managers/admins and its transactions, items, reports, reviews, and orders will be managed by their board.

Manage drivers

Administrators can manage their drivers (delivery staff) by assigning orders, delivery reports and their status and all.

General setting

Listed some manageable additional setting in the back end such as site informations, locations, newsletters and site banners, contact inquires and much more.

CMS and activity log

Back-end CMS allows you to manage the entire online orders in the website as well as keep track of all operations.

Features Restaurant Admin Panel - Web and Mobile App

Make sure to go wide with our robust vendor apps specially developed to cater for the online businesses. With the help of these active applications, restaurants can effectively analyze their sales, execute orders, manage offers and respond quickly to the customers.

Manage orders

An immersive restaurant software allows vendor managers to handle current and placed orders in real time.

Manage categories

Restaurant managers can modify their categories and sub-categories, and product descriptions, as well as pricing.

Manage items

Sellers can add and edit menu items descriptions as well as the uploading images in the vendor back-end to adding new items.

Ingredients Type

From the vendor back end, restaurants can easily handle ingredient types and lists. Filters may be applied to ingredients depending on their supply.

Manage payments

Various payment methods can be listed such as COD, debit and credit cards, UPI, offer wallets to their customers.

Order notifications

When an order is made, a notification is sent to the vendor apps, and the customer will also get the status of their orders - accept/reject.

Manage reviews

Customer ratings and comments will be handled by the admins, and the restaurant admin can take any appropriate steps if they need.


Every restaurant has different options for things like service opening and closing times, minimum orders, delivery fees, and so on.

Features for Customers - Web and Mobile Application

Strengthen customers with an immersive mobile app that allows them to explore famous restaurants in their area to fulfill their desire. Our application ensures the successful implementation of efficient food delivery at the customer’s doorstep by offering a sleek design, managing orders and with simple payment methods.

Easy sign up

Customers can easily sign up/sign in using their social media accounts to entering the website and mobile apps.

Browse restaurants

When ordering the food, the customer can search their favorite restaurants in the nearest the location with help of friendly UI.

Payments method

Customers have the multiple option of paying for their ordered food like Cash On Delivery or debit/credit cards, UPI etc.

Manage address

Customers can save their multiple addresses in their profile, customers can choose a convenient location when ordering the food.


Once the customers have placed orders for their food, customers will be notified of the status of their orders.

Order history

Customers may view their previous order histories on their account, which includes dates, amounts, and item details and other details.

Real-time tracking

Customers can track their order foods status with delivery timing by using geolocation in real-time options.


Customers may leave feedback on the order, menu, or service provided by the restaurant, as well as favorite items for potential use.

Features Delivery Staff (Driver App) - Mobile App

Our delivery app includes a function that allows a delivery agent to control orders delivery details and status, profile details, navigate to restaurants/customers locations, view wallet transactions, and more.

App login

Each restaurant should create a login option for their drivers/delivery employees to access their orders.

Profile setup

Drivers may be granted access to change basic information such as their phone number, email address, locations.

Assigned orders

The order will be sent to the delivery staff, and if they accept it right away, the order will be considered assigned.

Order details

Each order can provide a summary of the delivery time and location for which he is responsible, which he can review.

Driver location

The app will access the location of the delivery staff, which will appear on the vendor panel and it helps to know their work status.

Customer review

Customer reviews can be made about delivery employees, and the staff can build a positive reputation by assessing the feedback.

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