Features of Restaurant ordering & delivery software

Admin features in web application

Admin features of restaurant ordering software

Manage category

Admin can create multiple category and sub-category. The customer can filter the products based on the category.

Manage cuisines

In this section of the admin panel, new cuisines can be created in backend also can be sorted based on the order list.

Manage ingredients

Admin can set ingredients as per the product, which allows the customer to select or unselect the option in the front end.

Manage vendors

Multiple vendors can be managed in the super admin backend. Our ordering system lets you track each vendor item, vendor payment status, new orders, vendor's customer reviews, etc. Allowing customers to filter directly by particular restaurant/business to order food.

Features of restaurant app
Features of customer app

Manage customer

With this feature, admin can keep track of all the customer and their details who signs up for ordering from both the web and mobile app. Newsletters can be sent to subscribed customers. A report based on customers can be generated, which lets you know your customer better and improve your business.

General settings

Super admin is provided with the complete end to end settings to managed the business.Admin has full access to over the vendor by enabling or disabling specific features for them. Other features include currency management, images, voucher, site info and much more.

General settings

Other restaurant features in admin backend panel

  • Full featured admin dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited category
  • Unlimited vendor
  • Manage access control
  • Manage ingredients
  • Manage cuisines
  • Manage customers
  • Manage orders
  • Manage vendor payments
  • Manage customer review

General settings

  • Logo
  • Admin profile
  • Site info
  • SMTP info
  • Contact inquiries
  • Social media
  • Manage currency
  • Manage image resize
  • Manage banner
  • Manage FAQ
  • Manage vouchers
  • Manage newsletters
  • Manage address
  • CMS page
  • Activity log
  • Password recovery
  • Manage ads (Web)

Other options

  • Go back navigation
  • Track delivery boy location
  • Enable/disable access to vendor
  • Enable/disable country
  • Add / edit / delete country
  • Accepts cards
  • Payment gateway
  • Multiple pinpoints in map
  • Google analytics for your site
  • * Add-on

Restaurant features in web & mobile application

Online restaurant software

Manage order

Restaurants can manage customer orders here. Also, they can filter the customers based on the payment, delivery status, order date/time.

Manage items

New vendor items are created in the restaurant backend to get displayed in frontend for the customers, which are added to cart.

Manage ingredients

Vendors can add ingredients as per the product in restaurant backend, which customers can select or unselect from front-end.

Manage payments

Vendors can set options in backend allowing their customers to pay COD, Paypal or credit card. Also, vendors can track and filter the payment status. Our food ordering system can easily get integrated with multiple payment gateways providing a complete solution for the business.

Manage payments
Manage reviews

Manage reviews

Vendors get notified with customers review in the backend. Once the review is approved it gets displayed on the site.

Delivery time slot

Vendors can assign the order to any available delivery staff, who delivers the order to the customer on particular time and location.

Other features in restaurant app - Backend Panel

  • Restaurant dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited category
  • Manage items
  • Manage ingredients type
  • Manage ingredients list
  • Manage payments
  • Manage orders
  • Manage customer reviews
  • Delivery time slot
  • Settings
  • Password recovery
  • Go back navigation
  • Enable / disable country
  • Add / edit / delete country
  • Accepts cards
  • Online payment
  • Payment gateway
  • * Add-on

Delivery app features in mobile application

On demand delivery app features in mobile application

Order history

This feature lets the delivery staff view all the assigned, delivered and declined orders along with the customer id, their location, date & time.

Delivered order

Declined order


An automatic delivery report can be generated daily, weekly or monthly basis. A complete record can be tracked based on the customer mode of payment either COD or online transaction.

Other features in delivery app - Mobile app

  • Delivery staff dashboard
  • Manage assigned order
  • Order status
  • Manage profile
  • Order history
  • Reports
  • Delivery status

Customer features in mobile application

Customer features in food ordering app

The customer can easily find the restaurant based on the nearby location. Your customer can use the web or mobile app to order food. Our food ordering application is provided with multiple features for your customers to easily filter restaurant, sort items by popularity, single page checkout and much more.

Other features in customer app - Mobile app

  • Customer sign up / login
  • Guest ordering
  • Select city / Enter area
  • Filter by cuisine
  • Filter by restaurants
  • View based on ratings
  • Search by delivery address
  • Search by delivery zip codes
  • User profile
  • Simple check out page
  • View Photo gallery
  • Order list
  • Menu listing
  • Delivery time
  • Accepts cards
  • online payment
  • Social media share
  • Post review
  • Restaurant - menu
  • Restaurant info
  • Ratings
  • Search by delivery neighborhood/area

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