Delivery Hero Clone To Manage Pickup & Delivery Order For Multiple Restaurants With Pakodus.

Increase your restaurant business and sale with Pakodus

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Make Your Restaurant Business Like Delivery Hero Clone, Pakodus Will Be The Right Solution For You!

Everything You Need To Do

Pakodus offer you an online restaurant business page with your respective restaurant menu list where a customer can order their food directly. Launch your own restaurant business with Delivery Hero Clone of online ordering system within 7 days, connect with the multiple restaurant and earn commission for each & every order.

  • Save more. Earn more.
  • Complete Access Control
  • No risk & no contract

Pakodus - Online Food Ordering & Delivery Software With Delivery Hero Clone

Pakodus has developed an Online Food Ordering System for restaurant business which is similar to Delivery Hero Clone which supports both mobile & web platform. Our Delivery Hero clone enhances online food order through web & mobile application with the features of a customizable menu, search restaurant by pin code or name, GEO map view and etc., Our ultimate goal is to make things better, give full access control and offer a chance to re-invest into their own restaurant business with the help of our Delivery Hero Clone. Everything you need to do is just start taking online food order with our Delivery Hero Clone, save money with your very own ordering system has never been easy & faster. Keep your customers coming back.

Features of Delivery Hero clone

What The Unique & Special Features Of Pakodus, Delivery Hero Clone?

  • Individual interface app for Customer & Delivery.
  • Admin earns commission for each order.
  • Mobile apps for single/multiple restaurants platforms.
  • Native Andriod & iOS app for our Delivery Hero Clone.
  • Delivery Hero Clone web & mobile application is user-friendly can able to use without any technical knowledge.

Technical Overview Of Our Mobile App


MVP (Model View Presenter) Pattern

Retrofit with RX Java


Data Storage

Shared Preference

General Application Pros

Mobile and Tablet based UX

Google based API

Lightweight with minimum battery consumption

Support up to latest Android OS (8.0) Oreo

Gradle with latest supporting versions and repos

RTL (Right to Left)

Other Package



Data Model


Minimum set of resources

XML design pattern with well defined UX and drawables

Business & Revenue Generation Methods Of Delivery Hero Clone

Online food ordering system like Delivery Hero Clone, GrubHub Clone, UberEats Clone & etc follow a simple business model to double your restaurant business revenue. Restaurant owner can develop his online restaurant ordering business by online promotion, advertisement creation, through a third party - Google Adsense & etc.,

  • Online restaurant ordering software partner with the local restaurant that offers home delivery & prepares a frequent customer database.
  • For each & every order through your website, restaurant owner give you a pre-decided commission.
  • A restaurant can also get publicity on the homepage of your website.
Revenue method of Delivery Hero clone

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